My name is Joshua A. Klein. The inspiration for my craft flows from the extensive world of conservation, a love for the blend of artistry and history that makes tradition. Furniture restoration is to me a passion to clarify the historic, monetary, and sentimental value of the object. I approach my work with a respect for the personal meaning and worth of each unique treasure.

   It all began with a dream. Coming from a family of craftsman and entrepreneurs, I have always had a love for working with my hands. Even at a young age I took advantage of specialized training in the visual arts, kindling my love to create beauty. This is the foundation upon which all my craft is built.

   After formal education in the luthiery (stringed instrument) trade, I made a shift to antique furniture restoration as a graduate of The National Institute of Wood Finishing in Rosemount, MN. At the Institute, I learned wood damage assessment, finish repair and touch up, structural repair, color matching, refinishing, and antique furniture conservation.

   I have since settled at home in the Downeast area. I specialize in preservation work to conserve the character and patina of each unique piece. It is always my aim to preserve as much original material as possible. Any necessary removal of damaged finish is delicately executed by hand. I offer services for those who cherish their collection and desire to see it cared for with reverence. I look forward to serving you in all your restoration needs.

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Honored to serve you,
Joshua A. Klein
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