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It is exhilarating to be part of the crafts of antiquity. And it is apparent that the weaving of natural materials is almost as ancient as man himself.

Cane is the hard outer bark of the rattan palm. Harvested from manifold locales, this material has been used in everything from the utilitarian country style to the elegant Victorian. The beauty of a cane seat is the balance of simplicity and intricacy.

Natural Rush is a grass grown in ponds twisted and woven to make superb seating. It is common practice today to use "fibre rush", a paper product designed to approximate the look of natural rush. This is not our preference. When possible, we use all natural seagrass rush for our weaving. There is nothing like the original.

Being the most comfortable seats we know, we take pride in every weave, knowing with each pull and twist that the seeds of satisfaction are sown. | © Klein Furniture Restoration