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Queen Anne Side Chair

Object Description: Queen Anne Side Chair, pierced splat back, upholstered drop-in seat. 18th century, Rhode Island provenance. Primary Wood: Walnut (Juglans spp.) Coating: Natural resin spirit varnish (UV examination coupled with solubility testing)

Condition Before Treatment

Structural: Piece had been previously stored in unstable conditions. It had lost most of its structural integrity. Many joints were loose and walls around mortises were beginning to fracture due to continued strain. Drop-in seat was severely flexing when sat in indicating loose seat frame.

Surface: Finish was extremely dark so as to almost completely obscure the grain. There were minor fissures over entirety of piece.

Treatment Performed

Structural: Drop-in seat upholstery was removed and fractured frame was consolidated with animal hide glue. Existing upholstery was conserved and replaced exactly as found with exceptions of new webbing, burlap, and muslin. Chair was partially disassembled and fractured joints were repaired. Frame was then re-glued with high tack fish glue.

Surface: Darkness of coating was addressed with lipase-based enzyme cleaning solution yielding little to moderate success. It was then determined that the majority of darkness could be attributed to a degraded coating. Deteriorated coating was then carefully removed with swabs of ethanol, leaving existing finish in corners and crevices to display expected patina. New dewaxed shellac coating was applied and hand rubbed to sheen using Liberon #0000 steel wool and Wool Lube.



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